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What is Pointo?

Pointo origins is from Indonesia since 2016. Pointo or Point Xchange is physical structure of which loyalty point provider i.e. the issuer merchant allowed their points to be used or redeem for product or services from other merchants either in host country or other country.

How to join Pointo?

Issuer client:

For any general inquiries about Issuer client, please email us at or call +6221-4788-4695

Receiver client:

For any general inquiries about Receiver client, please email us at or call +6221-4788-4695

Can I buy points from Pointo?

Sorry, for now the point can only be acquired from the transaction at the point issuer merchants


What is the benefit of joining Pointo?

Issuer client :

  • Customer Statisfaction –  Retention
  • Drive Traffic with cross promo & marketing
  • Excess to a large customer base – Asean
  • Increase customer spending
  • Gain insight in to your customer

Receiver client :

  • Increase sales
  • Multiple country redemtion

Consumer :

  • Enjoys special offers / discounts